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 We are not a pill dispensary. We actually care about your well-being; therefore, you must actively attend therapy at one of our facilities to see our psychiatrists.

Substance Abuse

Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluation & Treatment

Veterans Evaluations

Our mission is to provide the population access to one of the most seasoned & well-trained group of clinicians available in Southeast Michigan. Most of our clinicians have 20 plus years of experience helping individuals & families cope, & effectively manage their cognitive, behavioral, & emotional wellbeing. 

Are you having thoughts about taking your life?

​National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call: 1-800-273-8255  - Available 24/7

Click on this link:

​Child, Teen, and Adult Therapy


If you bring your cat or dog to therapy, they must be on a leash at all times.

Couples/Family Therapy

​Psychological Testing