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Dr. Katherine Hitchcock, PhD, LP

Amy Weber, MA, LPC

​​Dawn Blashak, LPC          

Robin Chaustowich, MA, LPC, NCC

John Kenner

Lead Clinician

Clinical Therapy Director

LMSW, Clinical/Macro, LMFT, DCSW

​Stephanie Shelton MA, LPC, CAADC

Kelsey Dziekan, MS, LLP

Noel Kemeny, MA, LLPC

Melanie T. Sharp, MSW, LMSW​

Michanda Gant, LMSW

Adriana Petrucci, LMSW

John Heger, MA, Psy.S.

Dr. William Starnes, PhD, LP

Daniel Maier, MA, LLP

Caitlin Finzel, LMSW

Sally Booth- Schwadron, LMSW, ACSW

Christina McAuliffe, MS, LLP

Cynthia Williams, MA, LPC, BSW

Katie Krajewski- Kidd, MS, LLP

Dr. Karen Maier, PhD, LP

Dr. Thomas S. Rosenbaum, PhD, LP​


Kelly McKay, LLMSW

In order to ensure therapeutic effectiveness, we frequently hold conferences for our therapists concerning ethical decision making and best practices.

Holly Tacey, MS, LLP