Clinical Supervisor of Substance Abuse Services 

Dorota Poznanska, MA, LLP

William Starnes, PhD, LP

​Lindsay Hirshman, LLMSW

Benjamin Langman

Kristin Hnatio,​ MA, PsySp, NCSP

John  G. Heger, Psy Sp, LLP

Amy Weber, MA, LPC

​​Dawn Blashak, LPC          

Judith Richards, MA, LLP

Thomas S. Rosenbaum, PhD, LP​


Dr. Karen Maier, PhD, LP

Christopher Hennings, MA, LLP

Caitlyn Finzel, LMSW

Ellen Keeler, LMSW, LMFT, CAADC

Melanie T. Sharp, MSW, LMSW​


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Anne Marie Caldwell, MS, LLP

Aaron Reina, MS, LLP

Daniel Maier, MA, TLLP

In order to ensure therapeutic effectiveness, we frequently hold conferences for our therapists concerning ethical decision making and best practices.

Kelsey Dziekan, MS, TLLP

Alan Ablitz, LMSW 

Christina McAuliffe, MS, LLP

​Jacob Rosin, MA, LLP

Holly Tacey, MS, TLLP

Dr. Karen Perez

PsyD, PhD, LP, LPC

John Kenner

Chief Executive Officer

LMSW, Clinical/Macro, LMFT, DCSW