What is our Health & Wellness Program?

This is a health coaching program, designed to guide and motivate you to improve your health behaviors such as exercise and diet.

A qualified mental health professional will work with you to help you reach your health goals by...

Setting and clarifying goals

Boosting motivation

Providing educational resources

Monitoring progress

Communicating with your doctor

Advocating for YOUR wellbeing!

What’s special about this program?

KaraLee has partnered up with Snap Fitness Plymouth to bring you all the resources you need to reach your goals!

Snap Fitness offers...

A quiet, comfortable atmosphere

A convenient location walking distance from KaraLee

Highly qualified, experienced, and passionate personal trainers  

Friendly and supportive service

24/7 open hours

SAVE MONEY with EXCLUSIVE DEALS from both KaraLee and Snap Fitness!

Join our program and receive...

FREE introductory session at KaraLee

FREE introductory personal training session at Snap Fitness Plymouth

Exclusive membership and personal training rates from Snap Fitness

*Most health insurance plans will cover following appointments at KaraLee! Contact your provider for details.